SD-WAN Technology

networkThe management of multiple types of connections with Multiple Protocol Label Switching, (MPLS), LTE and broadband are a product that is highly appetizing for the packet management crowd consumption. Buying cheap commercial level Internet connections for rural branch sites is something that many private networking companies will be eager to buy up and service for customer bases. This trend is rapidly expanding. One prominent such expansion mogul is Gabrielson who is setting up VeloCloud ( aggregate linking services which provide bundled link products for VoIP, voice over the Internet services. This service is a key aspect in the processing of credit card transactions, a vital component to the credit-driven lifestyle of the present day and age.

The SD-WAN technology grew out of SDN or software-defined networking technology. Being related to the software-driven data centers, the SDN came first from internal data center management at college campuses. SD-WAN evolved from the decoupling of the control plane from the data plane to the WAN. Where SDN is a structural portion of the data control plane, the SD-WAN is a technology portion of the structure that can be sold. Gabrielson is capable of managing the SDNs with a single interface. The software defined network allows changes to be made to the entire network configuration in branch offices from one site.

WANsNo longer is it necessary to configure and control separate branch offices individually for upgrading services such as teleconferencing. It can all be configured from one remote location with SD-WAN. Gabrielson says he now “…can control and shape the bandwidth at each location centrally through a GUI.” He says it is also possible to purchase low-cost bandwidth and enable quality uptime. The real innovation here is not a large portion of the existing infrastructure that drives the networks. It is the packaging in a software controller that is.