Mandy’s Story

quiltMandy had a great talent for creating quilts, and she sold many of them to people in her church, and even to people at work. Someone suggested to her, that she should start a business selling quilts, and she ran what the idea. Mandy opened a storefront, which was a small rental space, and she put up some advertisements in front of the store, in order to let others know what she was selling. After one month of only selling a few quilts, Mandy ended up closing her store. Mandy is full of disappointment, and she can’t understand why her store failed.

The problem with Mandy’s plan is that she never tried to incorporate more advertising, and she never created a website. Since Mandy was already selling locally to many people, she may have run out of local customers, or she didn’t advertise enough, in order to get more local customers. If Mandy chose to create a website, she could have advertised to local customers, as well as customers all over the world. It’s possible that someone in the UK, Australia, or someone in China, may have seen her quilts, become interested, and make a purchase.

Having a website can allow you to sell to the entire world, instead of selling only to your local demographic. If you want the entire world to be your sales floor, then you need to create a website. In Mandy’s case, if someone suggested to her that she create a website, it’s possible that she could’ve gotten more business in her store, and she could have been selling online as well. Don’t make the same mistakes that Mandy did, make sure to create a website for your business. If a business is starting up, or if it’s been around for a while, then it needs a website. You can start here and create your website with this Easy Website Builder from Dynadot. Easy to customize, hundreds of themes to choose from, and no coding necessary.

The benefits of having a website, is to show the world what you are selling, what kind of the looks of a websitebusiness you have, and also to collect payments from those who are buying items. Although every website is not made to collect payments, a website can still be a great way to sell items, even if it’s just a direct the buyer to your storefront. The benefits of a website, is more sales, more customers, more recognition, and more money overall. Most people, who have a website, will see more success, than if they had no website at all.

Instead of relying solely on the storefront, which you may have opened already, it’s a good idea to have a website take up some of the slack, so that you’ll have to do less work. If you have a person working in your store, they have to answer many questions throughout the day. If a website had all this information on it, as well as a way to purchase items, the website could be the salesperson too, and collect payment as well. Since a website is full of benefits, there is no reason why any business should be without one.